10 Ways to prepare your home for Summer

1/ Clear out winter

Up date your interiors by removing evidence of winter like logs and heavy rugs and replace with light furnishings and throws and get your vases ready for fresh cut flowers

2/ Get the paint out

Now’s a great time to get paining, inside and outside, you can update a room with a feature wall or you can paint the fence or the deck before the garden really takes bloom!

3/ Get into that shed!

Now is a great time to dig out the shed and bring the forefront the garden tools and swing seat cushion, why not pull out the B-B-Q and give it a clean so its ready for when you need it!

4/ Prepare for rain!

Be prepared for summer showers and make sure the gutters are clear after the winter so that the rain flows away and doesn’t cause damp issues

5/ Trim Trees and Shrubbery

Now is a great time to trim any trees and shrubbery that may be touching to house, these will only grow larger and closer to the house and when caught on the wind branches can cause damage to the house, you can get ahead of this by trimming them now before they start to really flourish

6/ Outside Inspection

Now is a great time to have a look at the walls and roof of your property and see if there are any loose bricks/ slates or cracks and get them seen to. 

7/ Get the pressure washer out

If you don’t feel like painting the deck you can get the pressure washer out instead. This is great for cleaning decks and patio areas and helps makes the outside space not only feel clean, but like an additional room in the house

8/ Clean the Windows

Why not treat yourself and get the windows cleaned inside and outside adding Sparkle as look through the windows and you enjoy your garden from inside as well as outside

9/ Begin planting your garden

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to get outside and do the weeding and plan how you want you garden to evolve, either nurturing what is already there, or bringing in some fresh bulbs. Why not add some more colour with a few extra pots here and there

10/ Get those Fairies out

As we head towards summer liven up your garden with some summer ornaments, be they ceramic butterflies, painted fairies or colourful pots have fun creating an outside space you will enjoy all summer

Posted by:
Clare Bourke