Shop front Grant

Beacons Estate Agents makes its mark

We moved from the High Street to our current location in Grosvenor Road. Keen to establish ourselves in our new home, we removed the old shop signage with a view to replacing it with our own.

At this point, Rushmoor Borough Council suggested we apply for a grant from their shop front improvement scheme. The aim of the scheme is to enhance and improve Aldershot’s shop fronts, windows, doors and signs by restoring them to their former glory.

With many pedestrians passing by on their way to and from the town centre and Westgate, I felt the area would be far more welcoming if all the offices in our block received some attention. So, with the agreement of my neighbours, I set about putting together a joint grant application for Beacons Estate Agents, Waroeng Windsor Upper Union Street and The Gaeso Office 14 Grosvenor Road.

The application

The process was quite involved and for the application to be considered, Rushmoor required supporting information such as a schedule of works and architectural drawings showing the proposal. After a fair investment of time and money, I was delighted to hear on the 5th June 2015 that our application had been successful.

Next stage

The next stage is in the hands of Rushmoor Borough Council. The alteration and replacement of the existing shop fronts requires planning consent. The application was submitted on 22 August and validated on 9 September. The deadline for determining the application is Friday 4 November.

Until the application is approved, work cannot begin so we are making do with a temporary sign. We hope it won’t be too much longer before we can make our mark and become a permanent feature of Grosvenor Road.  

Posted by:
Clare Bourke