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Changing with the times

From experience we know that most people will now search for a property on their phone or PC. The high street isn’t what it used to be as more and more businesses moves online.

To run a successful local business, it’s imperative to be responsive and open to change. Doing business the same way year after year is no longer an option. Estate agency is very different to what it was in my grandfather’s day and even my father’s.

Over the last few years we have seen a real switch from needing a high street presence to needing to be online. With this in mind and ahead of the Tenant Fee Ban Beacons is moving online

Here at Beacons we are showing how embracing the online world is the key to resilience in today’s ever-changing business environment. We moved from our town centre office in Grosvenor Road to new premises to the Enterprise Centre on Aldershot’s Gallwey Road on 3 April. The move enables us to focus on providing our services in the way our customers want: through the internet.

What about passing trade?

Over the last few years the Estate Agency Industry has evolved and changed, we noticed that not one tenant or buyer came from someone looking in the window and asking for a viewing, our tenants and buyers came from online searches and word of mouth connections we have within the local community. 

Yes you can still visit our office

Yes we are still in Aldershot we are now situated at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre full details here. Although we are no longer on the ‘high street’ we are still situated in Aldershot at offices with free parking. 

Staying the same

Tenants and landlords buyers and sellers will see very little difference in the way they interact with the company and at Beacons we are committed to continuing to be part of the Aldershot community.

Our phone number, email address and website will not change and we’re not going very far. We will still gladly make appointments to meet customers who want to see us in person

Beacons is keeping open its town centre offices on weekday mornings until 1 June to assist any tenants or landlords with the transition.

email admin@beaconshome.com

Phone 01252 316 111

Posted by:
Clare Bourke